Tuesday, August 20, 2013

what to do...

I have a lot of hobbies.

Ha! I'm sure that doesn't surprise anyone. But, as our house is being packed up and I am living out of a suitcase, maybe for another month, it's not likely I'll get to practice very many of them! Today I went to Barnes & Noble for a few minutes and looked at the magazines. There were a couple good sewing ones, some good food ones and a decorating one that looked good, but these are all hobbies that have to wait until we get moved in later.

Sooooo, it's a good thing I also love photography :) It's definitely my most portable hobby. It keeps me busy when I take the kids to the park, when I attend parties (I put myself in charge of photos at kids' parties--it makes them more fun for me and the mamas are usually thankful someone else is thinking about the pictures). and when we go on nature walks. It pretty much gives me something significant to do anywhere and everywhere.

In light of this, the timing for my 30 day self-portrait challenge is pretty perfect. It is SO much fun trying to come up with new ideas each day and trying new things and playing with edits on Picmonkey.com. I am not limiting myself to one per day because sometimes I don't want to pick!

I love this; snippets of my life how it is right here now. It will all soon be different, so I am grateful to have the memories.

I'm already thinking of my next 30 day challenge--30 days of my kids (or just one of them at a time?), 30 days of me with my kids, 30 days of Casey pics (Ha! he snarled at that idea) or 30 days of still life, home life, the options are endless! Any other ideas? Is anyone else up for taking the self-portrait challenge??? Oooh, I could set up a linky party and we can share, it would be SO FUN!!


  1. I'm voting for you doing 30 days of my family...
    shall I email you the address...?

  2. Katie just cracked me up there! :o)

    So yes, I would join you in the challenge.


  3. Maybe you need to take up Knitting on the side. It's infinitely portable and a great way to bring hobbies on vacation.. it helped me through my last cross country move ! :-)