Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pictures do paint words

He got mad right after they did that. Or maybe he was just acting mad ;)

My camera being my only unpacked hobby right now is proving to be really fun and educational. I just seem to want to take pictures of everything! I know some day I'll be glad I captured these last few weeks in Colorado in such detail.

My sister said that leaving is hard because it signifies the passing of time. It's that passing of time that's hard, but upon Christ's return, there will be no more sorrow over the fleetingness of time. It stuck with me. Thanks, Jana ;)


  1. That self portrait is just...Wow!


  2. Hope the move goes smoothly and you and family settle in well. I know it's only for 6 months, then you move again. It's fortunate that you and Casey are a tight couple and your kids are close and secure. Thinking of you all.

  3. You are going where God wants you to be for 6 months...He will bless your time there!!!