Monday, August 26, 2013

just keep swimming...

Whenever there's a lot to do, I just quote Dori. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." ;)

We have a week left until we leave and so we are now just working on house repairs, cleaning, touching up paint and such, while making sure we spend time with friends too. Leaving is hard. And exciting! And hard.

I've been taking notes on what might make future moves go more smoothly. I think not hanging so much on the walls is a good one. I think being even more vigilant about organization and not accumulating more and more possessions is a given. What do you think? If you had to move a few weeks from now, what would you wish was not a factor in your house?

I have been keeping up with my self portraits and it's only getting more fun. I've only missed one day, but some days I take several (the one on the left is my current fave, I love the composition!)

 I really love that pool one too, I think it tells a story. That was a great day.

If you need me, I'll be cleaning...
Actually, that's not true, the cleaning is done. It really wasn't that much, thankfully. It's a good thing I'm a generally clean person and that I've been trying to deep clean for the last month, or I can imagine the move-out cleaning could be crazy overwhelming. Tomorrow I'm moving on to painting. Just touch-up paint, but there were a lot of holes to be filled, which is what led me to my "hang less stuff on the walls" idea.

Leave your make-moving-easier-next-time suggestions in the comments ;)


  1. Wishing you well! I did a major dejunking before my last move and the past week or so we've been dejunking again. Even though we don't plan to move for a long time I find that stuff just clutters up our lives and we don't need that! Hope your busy and hard week goes well... where ever you go, our God will be with you!

  2. Maybe hang more things with Command Strips/Hangers? No holes, but still pretty walls.

    Oh did you know they're making "Finding Dori"? :o)

  3. We've moved more times than I want to ever remember in the past 6 years. Here are a few things I learned. (You've already hit on a couple of them.)

    1. Store everything you can in totes...not boxes (unless it's the white moving boxes with handles). In wetter climates...totes are more durable than boxes and are safer from flooding. (Just be careful when it comes to mildew. )

    2. Try to label every tote/box and make sure the stuff in the tote/box matches the label (even between moves...this makes it easier to just pick up and go).

    3. Keep Christmas items in totes/boxes that are different colors than every other storage device. Christmas colors work great! Makes them easy to identify (and helps remind you to be more careful with them since much of the contents are fragile).

    4. Go large and less with wall items. Takes up more room on those blank walls but leaves you with less to repair.

    5. If at all possible...use command strips! Even if you own. I literally don't have a single nail on any wall. It's a little more expensive at the beginning but SOOOO worth it in the end. And don't worry about weight too much. Just use more strips. I have a full length hanging mirror that has been held up with 4 "velcro" type command strips. I also have a swiffer mop (with full fluid bottle) and 2 aprons on one hook. Never had a problem as long as I follow the directions to the letter.

    6. Be wise and diligent about throwing stuff out. I chose to keep more of the "flat" stuff rather than the 3D. Pictures, cards, drawings, letters...stuff that tells you more about the actual person...their thoughts, ideas...their words...rather than their favorite things. Much easier to store. For those items that are "perfectly fine but you don't really need/use them anymore"...only allow yourself a certain number to keep (maybe a totes worth) then give the rest away. Just think of someone else using them...enjoying them...rather than having them sit unused for years.

    7. Save old towels/linens for packing/storing breakable stuff. They come in really handy and work better than packing paper (not to mention cheaper). I keep these around for packing, washing cars/motorcycles, cleaning up after the dog etc. I even have an old sheet I lay down in my sewing room when I'm working with burlap. That way all the "shedding" is on the sheet...not the floor. If you don't have a lot of old linen's right can start with a package of flour sack towels. They are huge and relatively cheap. (I got a dozen of them for $10-$12 several years ago). They are thin and easy to store but can be used for everything from packing/cleaning to an emergency half-apron.

    8. Eat lot's of chocolate and drink tons of coffee/tea during a move! :) Seriously...whatever "comfort food" you like...go for it. Moving is STRESSFUL and those little comfort things we do/eat/drink really help relieve some of that stress. It won't last forever so you don't have to worry about the long term effects.

    You probably already know most of this stuff but just in case....:)

    I hope you continue to have a delightful moving experience. It IS hard but also exciting. Kinda like life! ;)