Monday, August 19, 2013

an unexpected day off

So we worked our patooties off yesterday getting reading for the movers to come at 8 a.m. this morning (we moved to my mom's last night and will be staying here until we leave on the 3rd.) We went to the house this morning, waited until 9:30 to call and see why they weren't there yet and ... surprise! The movers decided they didn't need four days to pack our stuff so they are starting tomorrow. Nobody told us, they weren't really sure who to blame for that, ha!

So, we get a day off! It's kind of perfect because we are wiped out and my back hurts and the kids deserve to have some fun with us today :) We are going to take them to see Despicable Me 2!! And to the pool!! Before then, though, some great "unschooling" is going on. Layla enjoyed some fun science games on, Casey helped our little engineer build a model airplane and now he and Natalie are rolling coins--while practicing money math with her and counting by fives, tens, etc...

It's been a good day. Whew, we needed a rest!!

This is the guest room Casey and I are in at my Mom's house. Isn't it pretty?? It's in her basement, so it's nice and cool down here. I like how she off centered the art above the bed to balance the window. Pretty clever!

One last thing, this picture makes me smile. Natalie wrote the top note to me while I was typing away the other day and I wrote the bottom one back to her while she was standing there. Then, just now, I noticed she wrote a similar I love you note with an arrow on her Daddy's school notebook sitting on the desk next to me as I type this. Aw :)

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  1. Guest room in the basement = your own space. :o)