Thursday, August 22, 2013

play time

Well, while Casey has been at the house every day keeping an eye on the packers and loaders, the kids and I are at Granny's, having what feels a lot like a vacation! I did not expect this week to be quite so relaxing, but it sure is nice!

We have a favorite park close by that has a pretty great little playground, is never busy, and has a stream, with stepping stones and bridges and is super fun to play around. We've been to this park probably 7 or 8 times in the last few weeks. And of course, my camera comes along ;)

After we went there today, we got some lunch and went to the house to eat with Casey.

Our house looks so bare and weird!! And huge without all our stuff, haha! But still, lovely and cute and full of character :)
We said goodbye to our stuff as we left.

And then we went to the pool :) Like I said, it's been nice. But, tomorrow the cleaning and house repairs begin, so ... vacation is over for me!

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