Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Some favorites...

...from a photo shoot I had a few days ago.

So far I have only taken pictures for my friends and have never charged (although many times they gift me anyway, the stinkers). It's so much fun for me and I have really grown in knowledge and skill because they've let me use them as guinea pigs ;) But, if I were going to bring in some extra fun money, I am thinking maybe, maybe, I could do this. I would aim to be an affordable option for families who cannot spend $695 for a portrait session--this is the exact price of a 45 minute session with a mom photographer whose blog I was looking at last night. I have no doubt that this photographer has the skills and equipment to charge that much, but no one I know has that kinda money to spend on pictures! And I don't have the fanciest of equipment and editing software either. At first I saw multiple moves as a disadvantage, but I changed my perspective on that--it really just means new scenery and location choices for each place I live, right? Like the beach! Cool.

Anyway, these are just things I'm thinking about.

On Friday I get to do a shoot with little boys and a tricycle!!! Yay, I've been wanting to incorporate some props. It will be FUN!


  1. Nikki, you have the most important equipment needed for awesome pictures - an excellent eye for your subject matter. Your style is quite animated, and it would be a great service to others to capture their family antics as you do yours. Cool stuff!

  2. I can't say it better than Rita already did. :o)