Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jenn's coming!!!

I have this friend and her name is Jenn and she and her family are on their way here to Colorado RIGHT NOW!! I know I've mentioned Jenn before, but I'll recap: we met in Georgia when I was a 19 year old new bride, just before both our husbands deployed to Iraq. We spent that summer sewing together--her learning to sew and me recovering her couches, haha! Oh, and watching Disney Channel movies :)

Fast forward 12 years and six kids later and we try to see each other every year of two. I got to fly out for her birthday in January as a surprise, thanks to her husband, and now her family is coming to visit for the week, yay!!!

So Jenn and I are still sewing buddies. We have been working on a quilt together for over a year. We finished making and exchanging all the blocks and I actually have my top put together! It just needs batting and backing and I can finish it!

We also constantly text photos of things we are working on. Okay, maybe I text more photos than she does, but it's so much fun to have someone who shares your love for sewing to show things to! My mom is my other sewing buddy, we are often showing-and-telling sewing related things.

When I plugged my iPhone in to update this morning, there were so many of these types of pics on there that I had texted to show Jenn. So I thought it would be fun to share here too :)

So this is the past few months of my friendship with Jenn in iPhone photos:

 My shorts making kick. This is my basement sewing room (below). Pretty, huh? ;) But hey, I can spread out and make a big mess down there!
 This is a jacket I made and love! I have yet to blog it because I have yet to wear it because it has yet to be cool enough for a jacket. That'll teach me to make jackets in Summer!
 I found this sewing series from the 70's in a used bookstore. Casey found me trying to choose one or two and then he grabbed the whole chunk off the wall and bought it for me. He gets me :)
 Each cover is a different fabric from the 70's. So cool.
 My bodice. It was pretty.
 More shorts!
 And p.j. shorts. Jenn actually gave me this fabric. We have fabric swaps almost annually, it seems :)
 A project I was working on for my girls! I'll blog this soon.

 I let Natalie decorate a p.j. shirt with fabric markers. She drew her favorite Lego Friend. She's talented.
 This her logo. It's on everything she draws :)
 The fabric for Kelby's new curtains from Hobby Lobby. Jenn doesn't have Hobby Lobby in Reno. Or Chick fil a! How sad.
 The cute pockets inside my pants that I showed you yesterday.
 Annnd the pants.
 My girls want to be this for Halloween. It's part of the new McCall's pattern line.
 I was making Kelby some pajamas out of Casey's pile of giveaway t-shirts. A full post on this is forthcoming. And again, my pretty basement :)
 And LOL, this did not get sent to Jenn, but one of the kids must have taken this while we were holed up down there during a tornado warning on Sunday. So that's what I look like when I sew ;) So much for proper posture, I have one leg under me!
 Ooh, and the dress I was making in above picture! More on this one soon.

That's it (ha!). I am super excited she is visiting with her lovely family. We don't have a lot of plans outside of Denver Fabrics, the big JoAnn's sale and learning to make a full bust adjustment so she can have greater garment sewing success. Exciting stuff for us!! :)

I'm off to wash sheets and clean bathrooms!


  1. I just sent my sister a phone pic of fabric I bought for a new tank top. To my other sister I sent a pic of my kitchen window where I "wallpapered" fabric in the alcove. I asked my mom to come by on her way home from work to see all of the above plus some. :o)

    Those 70s sewing books make me green with envy. :o)

    Yes, your daughter IS very talented!

    I guess Hobby Lobby and Chic-fil-a are too Christian for your friend's State? :o)

    Thanks for sharing the phone pics. They gave us a better view of you. :o)


    1. Holy cow, I JUST figured out how to enable threaded comments, hahaha! Anyway, can you imagine being a stay-at-home mom before the Internet and texting??? I can't. I'm thankful for those things. Thanks for reading and always commenting. I really enjoy your blog too! :)

    2. Well my house would be more tidy without the Internet sometimes. :o) Yay for figuring out new blog things. I really don't know how to tell who reads my blog if they're not on Blogger, so I'm happy to hear you do! :o)


  2. Looks like great times are being shared by the two of you - all good memories! And staying at home without the Internet - times certainly have changed for the better!

  3. Hey, I just found your blog today. I love the jacket... Which pattern did you use? I'm so making one. I love the 70s sewing books what a great find.