Thursday, January 26, 2012

Collaborative Quilting

Jenn and I have been working on a quilt. Or, I should say, two quilts! Almost identical, but not quite. These blocks are starting to look pretty awesome together, so it's time to share!

Here's how it works. We will each make 12 wonky log cabin blocks, but we make two of each one. So we're making 6 different blocks, but two at a time. Does that make sense? Because we decided on 16" blocks and we are using only scraps, it's difficult to make them exactly the same, but the small differences add to the fun! Then, we mail one of each set to the other person, as we finish them. When we each have 12, we'll each be able to make an awesome quilt, made by both of us! So fun!!!

Here's a few of what I have so far:
That was before I made some more last month. Here's one of two that I meant to put in Jenn's birthday box and just realized yesterday that I forgot. Whoops.
See? Almost the same, but not quite.

The process is such a fun mess :)
Ah, yes, that huge tub is completely crammed with my small scraps. I'm working on it, though! I started a quilt for Kelby that will hopefully help make a dent in it :)

So, there ya go, our version of collaborative quilting. Find a sewing buddy and hop to it! ... if you want ;)


  1. I'm hoping you can show me how to thread my sewing machine :) I have aspirations of making things and a new machine I've only used once but very very little knowledge. You are so talented!!

  2. My Aunt's quilting guild did something like this. They each made a bunch of different squares and then made quilts for charity out of them.

  3. That is a delightful project! I'm not a quilter, but that would be so fun to do with other projects too! With our global relationships today, there are endless possibilities of creativity, whether scrapbooking, writing collaborative short stories (or childens' stories) or even putting together a recipe book. A new twist (and far more productive) than chain mail.