Monday, July 1, 2013

Me made on Sunday

I realized in the Spring that I sort of lack transitional clothes. I have plenty of great Summer things and some great Winter things, but the seasons in between, when it's not quite the time for sundresses or too warm for jeans, yet not warm enough for shorts, I find a lack of options in my wardrobe. Or, to get really specific for you, when it's really hot outside, but mychurch is ice-cold ;)

So, I have set out to remedy this. I wanted some summer church pants and since I had great luck with the Fashion Star shorts pattern, I gave the capri pants pattern of the same line a try. When I finished those, I made a top next and, wouldn't ya know it, the two go great together :)

 These pants are McCall's 6707. I took the inner leg seams in quite a bit to get more of a cigarette pants look. The cut of the legs was just too wide for me so I grabbed a pair of semi-skinny jeans in my closet and traced that line onto my pants.
 The pattern has a really cute stripe down the legs. Since I wasn't using a contrast, I cut that stripe on the bias so it would stand out a little bit. I think it will be super cute in a black fabric with a black satin stripe. Or pink denim with a stripe! That's it, I need pink pants ;)
I'm very happy with these and my fabric is lightweight enough to be super comfortable in Summer, but keep me from freezing my patooty off in church ;)

I'm really digging this top too!! You might recognize this print as the same as my recent halter dress. Yes, there was that much of this thrifted silk blend, I had enough leftover to make a top! This is Simplicity 1886 and it does have a couple bad reviews on Despite their problems, though, I still thought those tops were super cute so I gave it a try anyway. I can see where they ran into trouble with the instructions, but I got through it and really, really, love this top!! I will be making more in time, but it's not a crank-out-in-one-sitting pattern, so it might be awhile before I want to tackle this one again :) 
I got a lot of compliments on my outfit at church yesterday. I was super comfortable and I think I did added to my transitional wardrobe with both these pieces. With skinny jeans and a cardigan, this top will move right into Fall and Winter and the pants will be great in Spring and Fall too.

I made a dress yesterday that I'll share soon. I made it with short sleeves, in keeping with my goal to make more seasonally versatile clothes. It's out of another thrifted silk blend fabric!

BTW, have you read about Sew Mama Sew's Super Online Sewing Bee??? Are you entering? Should I???


  1. Great work! Super cute! You should definitely enter!!

  2. Amazing! AS USUAL!! Why not enter...enter away my friend

  3. I really like your sewing projects and nominated you for a Super Sweet Blogging Award.

  4. I just made those pants over the weekend. And as you, didn't like the flare, so I'm waiting to get home from work and work on skinny'ing them up