Wednesday, July 31, 2013

on outfitting kids

Before I get started here, I'd like to give a shout out to how awesome PicMonkey is!! I designed my new header and the new sidebar buttons with no frustration and with great ease using that site. I "splurge" on the $5 a month for the pro membership. After using a 30 day trial of Photoshop recently and finding it way too cumbersome and time-consuming for my needs (not to mention expensive), I find PicMonkey to be soooo much fun.

Next bit of news, Fancy That now has it's very own Facebook Page!! It used to be the page for my Etsy shop, but that is no longer in operation so I turned that wasted space on the Internet into something useful :) You can find and like that page here and thus receive my new posts on your timeline. There is also a cute new button to the right that will always take you right to it.

Now for the bit of sewing I have been doing. I made the girls some super cute knit dresses from McCall's 6785. This is Natalie's (Layla doesn't want to model hers right now. Shoulda taken pictures yesterday when she was wearing it!)

Layla's is out of a cute cherry print knit and I made the other view with the cute ties at the hem. It's adorable. Don't worry, I'm determined to get pics of her in it! This is the pattern envelope:
And so, my Fall sewing has commenced. I have a lot of great plans, but I'm not sure if I should dig in now or just wait until after the move. I definitely can't go weeks without sewing ... so I guess I just answered my own question! I'm digging in ;)

We went to our favorite thrift store on Sunday afternoon (the one the kids got all excited about, haha) and they happened to have all kids' clothes half off that day. We had just left Old Navy--I wandered around thinking, "I could so make that better and for a lot less money" and Casey and I were both snubbing our noses at their "clearance" prices. Call us cheap, but when three kids need complete new wardrobes every time the seasons change, you'd have a $5 limit for kids' clothes too! This Old Navy experience made Savers even more fun. We get clothes there that we would never but in stores: Gap, Banana Republic, Abercrombie kids, Gymboree--these were all represented in our haul on Sunday for between 1 and 3 dollars a piece. Thrifting is just the way to go, in my most humble opinion. How do you shop frugally for kids' clothes?


  1. Oh your photo shoot is adorable! What a cute model, her poses are the BEST! I can't wait to see her sister next. :o)

    We shop at thrift stores, garage sales, clearance racks, Target, accept hand-me downs, and I sew.

  2. Oh, one of the joys of small kids. Both my kids are now taller than I, wearing adult clothes. But we were (This was before I learned to sew) HUGE fans of consignment and thrift stores. And buying ahead of time.

    Once I found all boys shorts in JCPenney marked at $1.97 and $2.97. I bought them ALL - every size larger than his current size. I didn't have to buy my shorts for my son for 3 years. I've done similar with tees, socks and undies, etc.

  3. As you know I still love thrifting. But..oh I loved thrifting for the kids when they were little!! So much fun! And I will tell sticks with the kids! At least the girls. (Not sure how much thrifting Adam will ever do...but he does shop sales, clearance and discounted stores!) Some of my most favorite times are the days Jes and I do the Thrift Circuit! We hit at least 3 GW's, 1 Arc and 1 Saver's minimum. So. Much. Fun. And exhausting! But I absolutely love taking something that is "rough" , washing it in my most yummy smelling suds, fixing this and fixing that...then having it turn out to be my most favorite item in my closet...all for $5 or less (usually less)! Our most recent unbelievable find??? Jes found a Betsy Johnson swim suit...CURRENT...for...$7!!! Those things sell for $50-$60 USED and $140-$160 new! We wooped it up on that one. :)

    I love keeping up with you on your blog/fb entries. Your children are freakin' gorgeous!!! And...please...NIkki...could you age just a LITTLE ...PLEASE?!?!? You just keep looking more and more beautiful and YOUNG!!!

    Anyway...many blessings on your upcoming move. Moving is both terrify and exhilarating at the same time. I hope you find an adorable place to "nest". ("Live" just doesn't do it for you! :)

    All my love to your fam!