Monday, July 29, 2013

two tried, two true

I made second versions of two recent favorites.

I got so many positive comments on my latest Vogue dress, both here and on! As soon as I finished that one, I knew it would be a perfect design for this print I picked up at Denver Fabrics, which I'm pretty sure was part of the Liberty of London for Target line that everyone went nuts over a couple years ago.

I love this version just as much as the solid blue chambray one!!
We've had a couple cool and rainy days here. It's been lovely, but I'd like another month of sunshine at least!!
In the meantime, though, an umbrella makes a fun prop ;)

 Yep, I think an umbrella must come with me to my next photo shoot!
In case you're interested, this was my second version of Vogue 8810, which I reviewed here.

Before that, though, I made another version of my recent ruffle shirt, Simplicity 1886, which I reviewed here. Shortly after I made that top (which I've already worn several times!) I bought this two-sided double gauze at Denver Fabrics. I knew this same pattern would be the perfect design to showcase both sides!
 Isn't this fabric so cool???

That wrapped up the Summer sewing I was wanting to do before our exodus to Virginia. I have a TON of Fall sewing plans for both me and the kids, but I think I still have plenty of time. When does Fall (meaning long-sleeves and hot Starbucks weather) arrive in Virginia. Anyone?

In other news:

  • We started school today. It went awesome :)
  • I quit shampoo. More on that later, in a long and informative blog post, haha. 
  • Natalie just decided she wants to be a Mexican Princess for Halloween. As she's watching Strictly Ballroom. Best movie ever. The costume plans change almost daily, all year round.
  • Our kids got crazy excited over a trip to a thrift store yesterday--we are a nerd family. 
  • We started reading the Chronicles of Narnia out loud to the kids and we are all loving it. 
  • I cleaned out my little girl patterns yesterday :( My girls are too big for most of them. One daughter is too mature for the sweet ruffly looks and the other daughter just prefers pants and shorts and wants to look "cool", not "cute". I'm trying to encourage her in her own style. I want to let her be herself, which makes me thankful for the lines of patterns designed by Disney Channel stars past and present--even though my girls don't know those characters, they like their clothes, haha. And my friend Jennica will be getting some awesome little girl patterns ;)
That's all! 
Cheers :-D


  1. The new Header looks GREAT! Your yellow umbrella brings sunshine to a cloudy day. :o)

    Both of your latest creations are just too pretty! I would like to find a two sided print fabric for a high-low hem skirt/dress. Your ruffle looks so cool!

    Quit shampoo huh? I've heard that's the way to go for natural curly hair, but I'm curious as to your method. :o)

    We hit several thrift stores over the weekend and got excited over each one...we're nerds too. :o) I may or may not have bought a blue toilet and a yellow fuzzy bathroom scale! (The fake fuzzy fur is coming off as soon as I find my cleaning gloves for protection)

    1. LOL, it's hilarious to me that you bought a blue toilet. When replaced our 1969 toilets last year--one yellow, one green. The same green as our still-going-strong kitchen appliances! I told Casey we could have sold those "vintage" toilets, hahaha!

    2. Oh what I would pay for a yellow one!!! :o)

      I feel the need to clarify that the blue toilet is for the boys bathroom and I bought a blue sink a year ago! I promise it will be retro-cool when it's all put together! :o)

      Now if I ever run across an orange might hear me scream with excitement all the way to your State! :o)