Friday, April 26, 2013

Hope of Spring and Kelby mischief

I don't want to speak too soon, but Spring may finally be arriving in Colorado. The snow melted in pretty much one day and we have sunny warmth in the forecast! Yahoo!! I would say I've never been so relieved for winter to be over, but I think I say that every year ;) I think I'm just a Summer girl and become more so as the years go by!

I made a pretty cute skirt a few weeks ago and still haven't had an opportunity to wear it other than for these pictures. The weather will hopefully change that this coming week and I'll get to wear this little cutie!

 I love a good shirttail hem!!
It was very windy this day! I couldn't keep my hair out of my face!
The pattern Simplicity 1617, one of their new Summer line.
I was drawn to the hem and the unique pockets, although when I finished mine, I thought the drapey pockets just added bulk to my hips, which I do not need ;) So I fiddled around with them and put some hand tacked pleats with cute buttons on there. So now they look like this:
They lay flat now and I like the skirt a lot after that little adjustment!

I've been sewing for my kids too! I found some knit army fabric recently and had to get it for Kelby. Anything camo print, he calls "Daddy clothes". Some days he wear his army pants, army shirt, army jacket, army beanie and army sandals and is so proud that he matches ;) Casey works in a recruiting unit, so there is a reason why we have so much stuff that says "Go" or "Army Strong" on it. Like sunglasses and beach towels and coffee mugs, for example :)

Anyway, I whipped up some knit pj pants for Kelby and he is very happy. They took my less than one episode of Bones, so it really was instant gratification.
Speaking of the little dude, he's been up to a lot of this lately:

He sure can make a good Lego mess, but I'm okay with it because as long as he's making a mess that I can see, he is not off making a mess that I cannot see ... like spilling a can of paint in the basement  and then painting the futon ... or giving himself a nosebleed while climbing on an upside down laundry basket (same way he attained the paint can) in his room to get the framed pictures down, which he later broke--on his bed, after which he fell asleep with a pile of broken glass. Eek! This kid takes mischief to a whole new level! I thought it was just a boy thing because although my girls were curious, it wasn't like this. But then, yesterday a mom of three boys told me none of her boys took mischief to the extent that Kelby does either! So, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, hehe :D


  1. I love Bones, and camo pants on curious little boys.

  2. It is a boy thing, maybe advanced but I think boy.

  3. Kelby has your creative spirit. He just manifests it in chaos rather than color. :) Love the camouflage jammies! He can be Army day and night now.

  4. Is the waistband curved in the front? I just made palazzo pants for Easter with a curved waistband and I'm not really wanting to do that again (so soon anyways).:o)

    Oh and my two boys are in the more adventuresome group. :o)