Monday, April 22, 2013

If I sew it, it will come

Can you believe that it is snowing AGAIN!?!? Enough with the "Colorado needs the moisture" already, how about a nice warm Spring rain?? That's moisture! I'd be down with some rain! But, the snow is getting old. It's not just the snow, it's the lack of sunshine. Maybe I should throw in the towel and get a vitamin D supplement.

I keep hoping that sewing for Summer and wearing sandals and refusing to buy a new pair of jeans, even though I could really use one, I can will Spring upon us. But, alas...

I made this dress last week and managed to photograph it in between snowstorms. I couldn't wait to share because I really, really love it!

 The pattern is McCall's 6700. I bought this pattern assuming it was for wovens , only to read later that it's a pattern for knits (the fabric on the cover doesn't look like a knit to me). I was bummed because I had some gorgeous rayons begging to be made into Summer dresses. After a couple months of debate, I decided to try it in my rayon anyway. I whipped up a muslin and since the bodice pieces are cut on the bias anyway, it worked great with my fabric!

I'm glad I read the reviews because everyone said the back ties were too skinny to turn and they ended up leaving them off. I really liked that feature so I simply cut them wider. My bodice looks drapier than some on I wear a cami under mine because I really don't like having to watch my p's and q's. Next time I might cut the bodice down a size. Maybe.

I'm very happy with this dress! Rayon is hands down my favorite fabric to wear and I have a few more beautiful pieces in my stash to sew up. I'm glad I took a chance sewing this pattern in a woven because I have another pattern for knits I'd like to try the same thing with. I think as long as I cut the bodice front on the bias, I should have no problems. Also, I bound the armholes with bias tape rather than the hem suggested for knits.

Now, let's all close our eyes and wish for SPRING!!


  1. Oooo...The colors are so vibrant!!! :o) That drape will feel so nice when Summer brings on the heat.

  2. This is SO cute and summer worthy!

    I'm a Minnesotan so I hear you sista'! :) We got about 14" in the last week or so but today it's 60!

    I absolutely love rayon. Love it!

  3. Awww Field of dreams ;) hehe

  4. This dress is awesome! I love everything about it, the fabric, the cut, the details in back! I need to make a long flowing dress like this for summer!