Wednesday, April 17, 2013

real life snippets

Can you believe that it is snowing? Again? Spring is still on the agenda this year, right? Right?? I know that Colorado needs the moisture, but we are a little stir crazy this week. Today we loaded up and went to Target for new Legos, a new movie and some pizza for dinner. Spirits were much improved after that :)

I was thinking yesterday that I haven't blogged in awhile and that I have some lovely Summer sewing to show to you, but alas, I do not want to take pictures of my lovely Summer sewing in the lovely Winter snowstorm that is happening outside right now and I don't really have any other pictures to blog. To remedy that, I took some pictures :) I did commit to taking more photos of our everyday life here, after all, something I'm glad I've been keeping up with since starting my project life knockoff venture (see more pages below!)

So, here you have it, what we do when it's snowing in Springtime.

 The world needs more games that kids can play alone, in my opinion. This is a fun one.

 Rapunzel makes an appearance!
 Our church library had a giveaway table last week and I scored this gem along with some other old books. Corrie Ten Boom's story sure does put my own hardships in perspective. I'd like to reread The Hiding Place soon.

Kelby's two favorite things: Ninja Turtles and Legos. He builds these little sets all by himself! And then he rebuilds them over and over. Nothing keeps him busy like new Legos. Smart guy ... or sly Mommy ;)

My girls right now are REALLY into Lego Friends. As in, they save their allowance for new sets, read the books and chapter books and draw stories about their Lego Friends. They are so much fun, kudos to Lego for continuing make the most awesome toy ever!

Last week, I got busy on February 2012 in my scrapbook!

Yep, there's a toilet in my album. And why shouldn't there be? It was a part of our life, after all. I love this scrapbooking method, I never would have put a toilet in my book with my old method of scrapbooking! Ha!

Like I said, I have some awesome Summer sewing to share! Hopefully soon, but one never can tell with these Colorado weathermen ;)

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