Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter kids

We had a lovely Resurrection Day! I hope you did too :) Actually, the kids and I incorporated Holy Week readings and crafts into our home school last week and that made me much more aware and contemplative about what Jesus was doing each day leading up to his death. I think that will be a new family tradition, for sure.

I'm excited to show you some of my Easter sewing! I am now "that mom" who makes her daughters' dolls dresses to match their own. At least I didn't make my own dress to match too, haha! No Daisy Kingdom for me!

 He had just taken a little tumble, I am not camera-torturing him ;)

Layla's new doll, which we gave her as an Easter surprise is the one I rescued from Saver's. I fixed her hair up with fabric softener mixed with water, a wig brush and some foam curlers. Layla's in love :) I am thankful to have daughters who think a doll from the thrift store is just as special as one from the American Girl store would be.

I made my own dress too and absolutely LOVE it. I will share more pics and details tomorrow (or let's be honest, a couple days... or more.)  See ya then!


  1. Your Little Man looks so snazzy in his hat! I'm sure your girls think they have the best mom EVER for making them matching dresses with their dolls! I remember being sooooo proud of every single Easter dress my mom made me...now I make Easter things for my boys. :o)


  2. Nikki, you are a blessed example of today's woman! Creative, thrifty, God-focused home-making and loving tenderness. Thank you for sharing your inspirations!