Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Project Life Knockoff: January

I got the rest of my photos organized from 2012 and got going on more of my scrapbook! If you missed my first post about this, my new and simplified way of scrapbooking, you can read that here. I finished January on Monday night and started working on February last night. It's so relaxing and fun and the kids really love seeing what I've done. January didn't have very many pictures so it's only one spread. Other months have a TON. October, for example. Why do I have soooo many photos from October??

Anyway, here it is :)
By the way, Michael's now sells these photo inserts in a couple different layouts, which I used both of here! I was excited to have more layout options and they were inexpensive too, especially with a coupon :)

It's crazy how much kids grow up in just a year, right?? Pulling older photos out always makes me teary-eyed about how fast the time goes. Someone on the radio recently asked the question, "Is there anything in your life now that you're in danger of regretting later?" It inspired me to really focus in on the discipleship opportunities I have with my kids. Being a homeschooler, I have much opportunity for that and I have been praying daily that I will never let an opportunity slip by to point my kids to the Gospel. Because the years are so fast and I do not want to regret letting those teachable moments slip by because I'm tired, lazy or just kidded out. Ya know?

What about you?

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  1. Now I need to check those inserts out at Michaels! (with a coupon of course)

    Any time I get frustrated over my disorganized/messy house, I stop and think of the time spent on the floor with my baby or snuggled on the couch with my big boy or outside playing with them both! I am sure there is plenty of time for a clean house when my boys are bigger. :o)

    One thing you might like...Instead of a bedtime story, sometimes I'll tell my Salvation Story (or even another family member's). I don't do it often, so that when I do it is "new" again and more is understood with each telling.