Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is it Summer yet?

I want to sew Summer clothes! They're just more fun. Of course, in the Fall, I think Fall clothes are more fun. I guess I'm lucky to live in a state that gets all four seasons :) I made McCall's 6694 a few weeks ago and wasn't thrilled at first. Here she is:

I do like it now, but only because I took almost 3 inches out of the center back to make it so it didn't literally hang off my shoulders.

I knew going in, though, that the bodice might be big because the model on the pattern envelope looks like she's swimming in it:
One never can tell if these models are just too thin for the clothes or if the patterns are drafted to hang like that. To get it to stay on my shoulders, a huge drape was created in the back neckline. After my alterations, I really do like the dress. It's cute with the belt and boots and it is also cute with no belt and sandals, which will be great for Summer! 

I lined my skirt part with rayon jersey, which is my absolute favorite fabric to line knits with and also to make slips out of. I didn't line the bodice even though my fabric was somewhat sheer, because I knew it would need a cami under it anyway, with that neckline and the wider arm holes. I would have liked to add the ruffles too, but they require a crazy amount of fabric! 

I just bought and downloaded Colette's newest pattern, the Laurel dress!! I have the perfect fabric to try it out with. The selling point for me was the free ebook with instructions for several details to add to the simple design of the dress! Check it out! Funny too because my Mom and I were just talking about trying out shift dresses the other day! 


  1. Wonderful looking dress! So apropos for the summer.

  2. Love this and so glad you posted it! I bought it too, also planning to do it without the ruffles. Now I'm inspired to get a move on and do mine as well! Cute print.

  3. Cute dress and it looks very nice on you. Old man winter is trying to rear his head once more! It's 34 degrees in my neck of the woods. Was about 50 degrees 3 days ago. We're wearing gloves, coats, and hats. Oh well! Some areas had SNOW flurries!

  4. Your summer sewing is very motivating. This dress turned out great. I fell for the CP Laurel, too. I hesitated because it is such a simple pattern, but I like shift dresses and they are comfortable to wear in the central California heat in summer.