Wednesday, November 14, 2012

we've gone vinyl

With some of my birthday money, I bought a record player. It's also a cassette, CD, MP3 player and radio, but what I really wanted was the record player! I've been wanting one for years because I have a few records from my childhood that I would love for the kids to love too.  I recently bought one from a friend's garage sale, but it didn't work. So, when I saw this one in the Target ad at an awesome sale price, I got super excited. Casey scoffed. He did not see the appeal. UNTIL.... today we were at Unique Thrift because we had some time to kill was Natalie was in ballet and he happened upon the 99 cent vinyl record shelf. Annnnnd went nuts. We got a bunch of records, Christmas, classical (Casey is crazy about classical music) and kids. Even some Scott Joplin and some Raffi Christmas! Awesome old-school stuff that yes, we could probably get on iTunes, but that are so much cooler on a record player!

I'm so happy, we've been listening to them all afternoon. So far, "The SwingleBells" are my favorite (okay, I just looked that up on Amazon to link it and it's $125)! What a find. And Casey conceded and told me "good call on the record player".


  1. I am so glad you got that player!! I have a vintage one, and I love it. One day years ago, when my youngest was about ten or so, she and a friend came in and the player was open, with a record on it, but not playing. Her friend asked what that was, and Cara explained it "is really cool, it makes music, it is like a CD, but you can turn it over and PLAY BOTH SIDES!!!! Her friend was very impressed, she thought we had the latest high-tech player at our house! I still have albums that I had when I was a teenager. OMGoodness, those records are 50 years old!!! But they still sound great,and I also pick them up at thrift stores and yard sales, for next to nothing.

  2. Vinyl is awesome! My favorite thing about this post is that I can see a favorite album from my childhood in the picture of all the covers. My parents loved to buy those "25 Best..." albums. I think the one I see might be the ballet album. I credit my love of classical music to my parents.