Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Every year since '08 (wow!) I have made fabric ornaments to include with Christmas gifts. It's become a well-loved tradition! The first year, I think I made 6, the next 10 and last year I made 25! Although, I had a couple leftovers, so I've decided to cap it at 20. This year I wanted to avoid the turning and stuffing part and just try something different, so after much searching and waffling, I decided on these beautiful origami butterflies!

This is the half I have done, the others are waiting for their antennae and ribbons :) I used a combination of mostly Heather Bailey fabrics and Denise Schmidt fabrics that I already had scraps of in my stash. I used this tutorial, but since I needed mine bigger I cut my rectangles 4x6" and interfaced one side. I then hand tacked the antennae (which are cut from a "bridal spray" I found at Hobby Lobby) on with clear thread. I am very happy with how they're turning out, they look so pretty!

Here is a running list of my past handmade ornaments! Enjoy :)






I already have lots of ideas for future ornaments! The choosing is the hardest part ;)


  1. Very beautiful Nikki. You are truly living out your calling in so many ways.

    Just remember that I love "leftovers"!

  2. Cute ornaments. I like the origami butterflies. Great ideas to use fabric scraps

  3. I LOVE the butterflies, especially the pearly antenna touch. You are so creative. Thank you for sharing a bit of your colorful world!

  4. These are beautiful! Love them more than any of the previous ones you've done.