Friday, November 30, 2012

quick sew

My Christmas sewing is all done, even though my sewing time has been replaced by Christmas wrapping/shopping/decorating/preparation lately. So today, since we had some down time, I opted out of cleaning my upstairs and cut out a few things instead. I didn't count on having time to sew them, but after cutting, my kids were happily occupied and I got to sit down and whip up a skirt! In the middle of the day! Rare.

I'm really happy with it. I picked up this knit and this pattern at the same sale at JoAnn recently. The stars aligned and matched fabric to pattern and it turned out just how I'd pictured it.
The pattern is McCall's 6654, which has several lengths of both straight skirts and flared skirts, all for knits. I used the pieces for the flared skirt, but I narrowed them quite a bit (though it's not as straight as the straight version) out of neccessity because I didn't have enough fabric. I'm glad I did, though, because I didn't want it super A-line, but I didn't want it totally straight either, so it worked out. It's perfect! I'm wearing it to dinner with my parents tonight; we're gonna go eat Mexican and listen to the live Mariachi band. The kids love it :)

I hope the nautical stripes/maxi skirt trend sticks around at least through next Summer!

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