Friday, November 9, 2012

making friends...

...with my new camera!! That's right, I recently bought a used Nikon D90 (on Amazon), several steps up from the D50 I've been using for several years. It's very exciting, especially since I've been taking a LOT of photos lately and the D50 had some limitations that I'd been subconsciously frustrated with for quite awhile. We are doing our new church directory in-house and I am taking all the pictures and also because I've been taking family pics for friends who want Christmas pictures, etc... I am learning SO much. Seriously, after each photo shoot I feel like I learned something new about the camera, about light, or about posing. And about people. Seeing people interact with the families and spouses truly shows me a delightful new side of people that I've gone to church with for years.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few of my favorites plus a few that I've taken that just really show off what awesome things this camera can do!!!

 Good ol' Colorado in the Fall ;) I was playing with the sun and water droplets. Cool!
 Yesterday I had a chance to play around with the camera's "picture control" settings. SUCH a cool feature. I can really customize how I want the camera to process the photos. I feel like getting this setting right will reduce post-editing quite a bit. This one was practically perfect right out of the camera after settling on the right picture controls, I did very little editing.

One of the coolest features of the Nikon D90 specifically is that it handles low-light situations way better than most. This one of Kelby and his new nightlight is good proof of that, look how little digital noise there is! My ISO was cranked and the shutter speed was sloooow. I CAN'T WAIT to take Christmas tree photos this year!!! :)
 Another great low-light shot. I turned 31 last weekend and Casey whisked me away to a hotel downtown, where we asked for the highest floor with a mountain view. Gorgeous. Sigh, I'm gonna miss Denver sooooo much.
If you're considering a DSLR, here are my suggestions.
  • First don't be afraid to buy used. I saved about a thousand dollars (for realz!) buying a used camera. 
  • Second, buy on Amazon, not on Craigslist. Amazon has a safe buying guarantee. If you never receive it, if it doesn't work, or if it breaks, Amazon handles that. Plus, most Amazon vendors offer warranties. If you buy it on Craigslist, get it home and find out something's wrong, you just flushed a chunk of money down the toilet and the seller really doesn't have to work with you. 
  • Third, invest in a nice lens. My nice 50mm fixed lens made my old camera take much better photos than it would have with the manufacturer's lens. Lenses can make a huge difference, so if money is limited, go for a slighter lower priced body and invest in a nice lens. 
  • Lastly, if you get a DSLR, learn to use the manual settings!!!! If that's not your thing, don't spend the money because the most expensive camera out there, set on auto, just won't get your money's worth for you. 

There are my tips! But I'm no pro. If anyone wants to add to that in the comments, feel free :)


  1. Awesome photos! I am looking for a much better camera, I have a very cheap one and the pics are lousy. So glad you got such a good one, and you have a talent for taking great shots.

  2. Absolutely awesome pics! I wish I could take better pictures! Thanks for sharing the info! Good luck with your future photo sessions! And have fun with the new camera!