Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boy Babies!

I have had three friends have baby boys recently!! Last time I made a pair of baby shoes I thought to myself, "I'm okay with never making another pair of these again." I needed a new go-to baby gift than the shoes and taggie blankets, so when I saw this free pattern, I knew I'd found it.

Behold, the "Bapron":
I made mine reversible:
I know it has not always been easy to find super cute boy stuff--fabric, clothes, anything. Well, times have changed! There are SO many cute boy options now, don't you think??

These were really easy (although making bias binding is not that quick of a process) and a huge hit!! One sweet friend has not actually received hers yet, but I'm hoping to get them to her soon!

Now, brace yourself for extreme cuteness. When the new McCall's patterns came out, I could not resist this one. It's adorable. It has every element that a baby could want--soft minky fabric, ribbon tags, knots, etcc... My babies would have adored a lovey like this!!
I made the alligator for baby Gavin. Sooooooo cute.

Annnnnnd, some totally unrelated photos of my cute boy :)
Aren't legos just the best toy ever?

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  1. Bibs and lovies are SO great! Not to be outdone by Kelby, of course ;)