Wednesday, February 22, 2012

toys and toilets

When Casey leaves town for awhile, I find it helpful to have some new (to us) things to keep the kiddos busy :) My friend Mary and I went to Savers a few nights ago and I scored some cool toys and tons of books for the kids. My best score, though, was this awesome marble track building set. Natalie literally played with this every waking hour yesterday!

These are not cheap. I checked. But, mine was 3 bucks. Nice!

On to my own new toy :)  I have been dreaming of a serger for a long time. I started to get back into sewing clothing last Spring and have felt the absence of a serger keenly ever since. A new one, or even a used, newer model was out of the question. They are crazy expensive! So, I started looking for old, since I am still SO happy with my 1970's Pfaff sewing machine. Well, I found one. She's about 20 years old and sews like a dream:

I paid just under $200 and couldn't be happier! I think it's kinda cute that my machines match too ;) I've made a few things on it already. A top that I'm not thrilled with and a nightgown that I really love. I'll share soon.

Annnnnd, Casey and his Dad and brother were super busy in our upstairs bathroom over the weekend!! We've been wanting to start tackling some house projects and decided the 43-year-old lineoleum and toilets upstairs would be a good place to start. The toilets we had were harvest gold and avocado green, indicative of the era! The new ones are white. And chair height--very important to Casey ;)  Here's an in-progress photo. I'll save the full reveal until we have moldings!

A lot of work and a big mess, but totally worth it! Even though the construction dust has Layla completely covered in hives!!!! At least, that's my best guess as to what caused them. Poor baby :(


  1. LOVE those blocks! Want some now :) what are they called?

  2. LOVE those blocks! Want some now :) what are they called?