Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow Day

What to do on a snow day when it's the same as all the other days -- only you can't leave the house? I knew all that beautiful weather we've had lately was just a teaser. I knew it would dump on us soon. It's February, after all! Casey was supposed to drive home from Nebraska today. Not happening. But, he might be able to fly out tonight instead. That would be nice :)

Anyway, Casey has lots of trips scheduled in the coming months. One of the things no one tells you when you start homeschooling is how isolating an lonely it can feel at times. Combine that with Casey's absence and I have had some desperate-for-adult-conversation days in the past few weeks! However, I think often "loneliness" is just our giving in to feelings of self-pity. Dwelling on it, feeling sorry for ourselves. When I stop thinking of this time alone as an affliction and start thinking of it as a God-given period of calm and solitude, then it's much easier to see it as a gift and just embrace it! So, I can be thankful for ths time in my life when I don't have many commitments and can stay home a lot and get things done.  Plus, we're never really alone, now, are we?

One of the things I've been doing to occupy my evenings is catching up on scrapbooking (as if that's possible, ha!) Here's what I've made recently:

Happy Snow Day to you! See, there's something you don't get in the South. Ha!

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  1. I wanna come scrapbook with you!!! Miss you tons