Saturday, January 7, 2012

knits and picks

I've made some things this week that happen to all be knits! I made a really fabulous dress (maybe the best dress I've ever made for myself!) but I don't have a picture of me in it yet, so that will have to wait a few days.

BUT, I did try a knit top pattern! I think it turned out pretty well:
It may not be the best shape on me, but I love the fabric and tops are seriously lacking in my wardrobe, while I have a lot of dresses (which just don't get worn as much in the Winter because I find tights so uncomfortable. If you can recommend and brand of tights that doesn't feel like a rubber band is around your waist, I will love you forever). But, anyway, the pattern for this is Butterick 5709 and you can read my review here.

While I had a stretch needle in my machine, I refashioned a top that I didn't like so much. I didn't take a before picture, but this was a top I got at Kohl's awhile back, but only wore a few times because I felt a little matronly in it. It was too floaty for my taste and the sleeves were seriously full flutter sleeves. Not my favorite, I felt like they widened my shoulders a lot. But, I like the print and it's very soft, so I thought I'd try to fix it. Here's how it looks now:
Nothin' like a headless photo to show you what you really look like in skinny jeans, huh? I think the jury's still out for me--my fashion consultant moved across the country. But, back to the shirt.  I took in the side seams and added gathers and elastic to the sleeves. I really like it now! Glad I could give it a second life :)  

The new Spring lines are out for both McCall's and Simplicity! I'm excited about a few of them. Here are my picks:
M5603. I like both the views with ruffles. Surprise, surprise ;)

M6507. I don't usually go for cowls, but the rest of the bodice is fitted enough and the back is really pretty, so I'll give this one a try. I love that print on the model too!

M6518. This is just cute. Although, I don't know how many occasions I would have to wear it. We'll see. 

M6514. I don't even have close to the body type to pull these off, but don't they look comfy!? I like the view on the model on the right, but I would have to seriously start kicking my butt with my kettlebell to even attempt wearing these, hahahaha!

M6498. For the girls, of course. But not those funky pants. The rest of it is super cute, though. 

I like this jacket and the pants. I think a lightweight denim for that jacket would make it less businessy and more fitting for my lifestyle. 

That's it for Simplicity, actually, but McCall's is a winner this time around! 


  1. Skip the tights altogether and go for thigh-highs! I got some from walmart and as long as they have the sticky grippy stuff at the top to "grip" your legs, they stay put! I wore them for my weddign (8 years ago!) and I didn't have to hike them up at all... oh, and going potty with them on is a cinch too! lol!

  2. In the winter I get very tunicy, I haven't found good tights either! I love your tops that fabric on the reviewed one is lovely!

  3. Love, Love, Love the wrap top! I have that pattern but haven't tried it out yet. For really nice tights, try I really like their wool tights, and they aren't binding at all. They also last forever, so even though they are more expensive to begin with, they are a good value.

  4. Tights... Hate. Leggings instead? That's what i prefer:). I like the skinny jeans:) i think your brown boots would look FABULOUS over them!

    By the way... I just LOVE the dress pattern with the ruffled top. Might actually have to make that one:)

  5. I love that knit top on you! It looks fantastic! Well done!

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  8. I just bought a pair of skinny jeans after 3 years of trying them on and then putting them back on the rack. The pair I got I adore. I think yours look great. The girl above who suggested boots with them is right, super cute.