Tuesday, January 17, 2012


January. Blah. I always get the blues in January! It's dumb. But, sewing perks me up :) So does cleaning. But, I'm going to blog about sewing, then I'll go clean, okie doke?

Like I said before, I needed more tops in my winter wardrobe, since I'm forced to wear pants more. In the Summer I wear dresses almost every day! When's groundhog day again? I'm ready! But, anyway, I made this top last week and have already worn it twice. I wore it under a cardigan because it's chilly, but still, I love it!
I've had this knit fabric for awhile, but I have to be in the mood to sew knits, so when I get in the knit groove, I make several things at once! In fact, I've made three knit tops and two knit dresses over the last several weeks!

This pattern is Butterick 5237 and you can read my review here.
As you can see, mine looks a little different. I was too lazy busy to sew all those little pleats in the neckline by hand in three places, so I gathered it up and sewed a ribbon to the underside instead. But, I love ruffles, so it works for me! This is an easy going top, quick to make, fun to wear and I'd recommend this pattern. I don't love the other views though.

Then, I made this top:
It's actually the same fabric as the purple top, but in brown. Looking at this picture, I'm not sure this is a flattering as I thought it was, but maybe after I wash it, that bias hem will ruffle less. I dunno.

This is Simplicity 2369 and I'm not going to bother reviewing it because it's already been reviewed a bazillion times on patternreview.com.
I still need to share those two dresses! One of these days, I'll dress up and get on it, but today...it's too cold outside :)


  1. Nikki,
    They both look lovely on you.

  2. I like them both! And the yellow shoes... look perfect with the the outfit!

  3. So adorable! REALLY love the wrap one. And your hair is getting so long! Whoa!!

  4. The wrap top is totally flattering! Even if there are a ton of reviews for a pattern, it's always great to see what others will create from the same pattern. Great tops!

  5. Love the gathers on the first top !!