Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Jenn

No fancy intro here, but CHECK OUT WHAT JENN MADE ME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
ACK! Isn't it beautiful?????  Does she get me, or what? The linen. Those colors. The yellow polka dot binding. *sigh*
The kids already know, this is "Mommy's special quilt". Ha! I let them use it too ... under my watchful eye ;)

I dug around and found the picture of the quilt I made Jenn a long time ago. Three Christmases ago? Or four? Can't remember.
Just this past week, Jenn thought they might have to evacuate their home because of a fire headed their way. She texted me a pic of her pile of stuff to take with them and this quilt was in that pile, right along with her sewing machines and other most special things. Made me happy.

One more day of Jenn week!! See ya tomorrow :)