Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Ponderings

It is SO much fun reading everyone's thoughts and goals for the new year on blogs and Facebook! So now, It's my turn :)

I have some practical intentions too, but I've really been praying about what God wants for me in this new year and since I really like the "one word" idea, I was trying to seek out a word from Him. I tossed a few around and then yesterday it came to me clearly--faithfulness. I need to strive for faithfulness in my day-to-day. To have joy in the mundane and persevere through what seems tough right now (homeschooling two very different learners while dealing with an, ahem, busy three-year-old, all while Casey is out of town more often than I would like.) To not strive for something big, meaningful and spectacular that will get me noticed, but to be faithful and happily content with the tasks God has given me, even if no one notices but Him.

Some more encouragement along these lines came from Nancy Wilson's post on contentment here.

And the lyrics to Andrew Peterson's song, All the Way Home were SO inspiring to me yesterday:

By the grace of God 
I'll walk in the rain of His mercy 
Let it soak me down to the bone 
And splash in its puddles 
And dance in its streams as I go 
And, Lord, I'll walk in the rain of Your mercy 
All the way home.

SO, on to my practical intentions (isn't that a nicer world than resolutions??)

There are a couple of quilts I want to finish in the coming months. One is Kelby's. This is the pattern and I've done exactly one block.
They're time consuming! But, it will be worth it :)

Another is my birdie stitches quilt, which was a 2011 block of the month from this lovely lady. I got to April, but May is on the hoop now! It's going to be cute!

Also, in the fitness department, I bought a kettlebell! I'm excited to try it.

Annnnnd, I printed off a chronological Bible reading plan and started that yesterday. I'm excited about that too! It's not essential to me that I finish in a year. It might take two :)

I'd love to hear your intentions for the new year!!

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