Wednesday, October 26, 2011

bring it on!

Anyone want to guess what the adult form of croup is? It's laryngitis. I bet you can guess how I know that, right? I have it and it is NO fun. On the up side, I have learned how much my kids actually do hear me when I'm talking quietly. And how, when they're yelling for me from another floor of the house and I can't answer, they will actually come and find me to ask their question face to face, which is so much nicer than being yelled at :)

Today we woke up to a winter wonderland outside! Yesterday was beautiful. The kids played outside with no jackets yesterday morning. Then, today, there's this out my front window:
It seems fitting, then, that my Christmas shopping and sewing has officially begun. The first of my ordered gifts arrived today and I have been plugging away on this year's ornaments! I decided on Matryoshka dolls this time and they are turning out super cute.

It's fun looking back on ornaments from past years.

The sea horses of 2011 (definitely one of my faves):

Boots from 2010:

Cupcakes from 2009:

And the birdies that started it all:

I'm getting excited to get them all out again!! First things first, though, I know. Halloween on Monday, yay! We will be going to our church's Harvest Festival and then handing out all the candy we get there to the trick or treaters back here. I know, tricky Mommy ;) I can't wait to show you how the costumes turned out. I think Buzz, especially, is going to be spectacular :)


  1. So beautiful and inspiring. Wish speed re pure ing (without)the yelling

  2. what!? Snow already! wow. So cool! It really does get you in the christmas mood... :)