Sunday, October 23, 2011

family pics and random videos

We got it together enough yesterday to take some pictures of ourselves with my self timer. I really wanted this to happen before all the leaves go away! So, I quickly gathered some outfits and did everyone's hair and out we went. I am semi-happy with how they turned out. The only thing is, something small is wrong about pretty much all of them. Someone's not smiling, or someone's eyes are half shut, or someone is hiding behind someone else. But, that's okay :)

I'll start with my fave...

I super love this one!!! And, my MOM took it!!! Nice work, Mom :)

And, just for fun...

So, if you'd like to help me pick a favorite family photo, I'd love the help :)

Change of subject, but I'm a little excited about this!

Looks like it could be good!! Can it be, a non-teen-soap fro ABC?! Shocker!

Also, I'm loving the lyrics of this song lately. What a great reminder! Do it all for His glory.

And, my latest favorite song (Shane and Shane's new album is GREAT!)


  1. My favorite is the one of you all sitting with Kelby leaning his elbow on dad's leg. The colors all blend, from Layla's bow to the mailbox to the house number. The sprinkling of leaves on the shrubs is a nice touch, too. Everyone looks happy and "real", like the pic was taken from a spontaneous moment. You are very good at keeping it real!

  2. My favorite is the first picture and the second runner up is the one where you are all sitting (Rita's pick). Love them all though :) Love the family too!!

  3. I can't believe that you took so many of those with a self-timer...they came out fantastic!