Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Adventures of the Rookie Homeschooler! Online Resources

I do have more actual book-in-hand resources to share, but I have also found some really great free online resources that I've found some very helpful things on, so I want to take a minute to share the wealth with you today :)

First up, this blog is written for children and explores some of the most unique and interesting of God's creatures. It's called I Spy Animals  and the kids and I have spent lots of time there reading fun facts and looking at the amazing photographs. Just today, we were glued to this Jellyfish post. Isn't this AMAZING!? 
What a great reason to talk about God's creativity!

Another great online resource is the free downloads page at Teacherspayteachers.com.  This is a site where teachers everywhere can design and post all kinds of printable materials. You can find anything and everything on this site. Just today I downloaded this Pumpkins on a vine activity and enjoyed making the little book with the girls. 

Which brings me #3: The pumpkin activity was created by Musing of Me, whose blog I subscribe to because of all her amazing printables! Some are free and some are for sale, but not expensive for a whole unit study on a fun subject. 

Another great blog I subscribe to for the same reason is Crazy for First Grade. This is a school teacher, but most of her resources are very homeschool friendly. 

Pinterest has provided some great ideas too! You can find and follow my "Homeschooling" board here
I pinned this jackolantern craft there a few days ago, after I saw them on Deep Space Sparkle Art lessons for kids (a great resource for art projects with basic supplies and searchable by grade). I can't wait to make these next week!
That's all for now! All this linking takes a lot of time :)
But I'll post more as I find them. 

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  1. wow i loved going through all of the links you had on here. it is so fun to see what a variety of resources there are online for homeschooling. i loved looking through your pinterest board.