Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Costumes are sooo much fun!!

I love making costumes. They are a chance to do over-the-top sewing and they sure do make the kids super happy :)  We went to our church harvest party last night and loaded up on fun and treats.  I was glad when it was finally time, because the kids pestered the heck out of me all day long about putting on their costumes and going to the party! So, I let them wear them a few hours early so we could have a little photo shoot.

Natalie was Silvermist from the Tinkerbell movies...

Layla wanted to be an angel. Not much of a leap for her because she is such a sweetie :)

And, one of the most awesome costumes I've ever made:
Kelby looked SO cool. This was a no sew project (actually, I did sew the Velcro onto the back of his shirt--the jet pack had matching stick-on Velcro).  I just bought white sweats and a bunch of felt, then made a huge, fun mess studying a Buzz toy, cutting out the pieces and hot gluing them on. For the hat I used the hood on a batman pattern and the jet pack is a piece of foam core. See?
And check it out, our little friend Jamie showed up as Woody! So cute!

I wasn't going to be anything because I didn't think I had time (I wanted to make a poodle skirt), but on Sunday, I thought, "Well, I could throw on my apron, at least". That turned into a quick search for a chef hat tutorial, which I found here, and I whipped one up Monday morning.
That's my mom as "Super Granny" and Casey is three-hole-punch Jim. If you are a fan of The Office, you will get it :)


  1. funny. i was scrolling through the pictures and was like, 'hm, her hubby went as three hole punch jim?... " and then kept scrolling and smiled a smug smile. :) love it!

  2. If I send in my requests soon enough for next year will you make costumes for my kids that I can pass off as mine own invention so they'll think I'm as cool as you??? Never hurts to ask.

  3. And...Casey's wearing a tie! Good job on the getting rid of stuff...nice thing to do before Christmas. Happy Birthday!

  4. I google searched buzz light year costumes and found your blog. I was wondering if you have a tutorial for your costumn? It looks pretty basic, but I can mess the simplest of things up. Lol.
    One question to start with is, how did you attach the wings to the shirt? Any other info and advice you can I would love!!!

  5. I did a google search for buzz light year costumes and found your blog. I was wondering if you have a tutorial for your costumn? It's adorable and doesn't look too hard or expensive to do. However, I can mess just about anything up lol.
    Any info you can give me will help. Also, I was wondering how you attached the wings to the shirt?

  6. I found your blog while doing a search for silvermist costumes and love the one you made. Did you use a pattern or make your own? Any information or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!