Friday, October 21, 2011

Another plunker

I was looking through the new McCall's patterns online last night because they're on sale this week at JoAnn and just HAD to share this one!
Just in case the humor here is unclear, here's the line drawing photo...
See!? You mean, I can make matching footie P.J.'s for my WHOLE FAMILY!!!! GET OUT!!!!!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I feel seriously bad for the man on the pattern envelope. He must have felt like a complete idiot wearing that. Can you get any less masculine than man-sized toddler p.j.'s? Just picturing Casey in a set of these has me dissolving into giggles.

On a not-so-funny note, my kids have croup. Booo. We ended up in the ER with all three of them last night. We got home at 1a.m. Double boooo. But, they were treated and are still sleeping--double YAY! Poor babies :(


  1. Wow! That IS funny! If they paid me enough, I would totally wear them for a picture though...and I bet Ben would too. Just not on a day-to-day basis. It's tempting to sew up a pair for Ben just as a Christmas present joke!
    Sorry your kids are sick...and the ER? I bet you're exhausted!

  2. poor kids! I hope you all are better soon, and rested form the long night.

    My sister and step-mom would love the pj's. In fact my step-mom owns a pair. lol.

  3. Sorry the kids are sick! But I will pay you to get Casey to wear toddler pajamas!