Saturday, August 6, 2011

Life Events

So sorry for the radio silence this last week! In my defense, we are busy around here, celebrating some major life events!  First off, Casey and I celebrated our tenth anniversary a couple days ago! Second, I am officially graduating college on Monday, with a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication and third, our little dude turns 3 next Sunday. Whew! Oh, and in a few months, I will be turning 30, so 2011 is a big year for me :)

I really don't like not blogging for a whole week because now I have too many bloggy thoughts rolling around in my head. I have to start somewhere, though, so I will show you some pics of Beautiful Colorado, where you can drive a few hours and find yourself in wine country, in a gorgeous hotel next to a mountainside and on a carriage tour escorting you from winery to meadery to distillery, where you can get a grand wine education. That's what we did for our big 10th. It was our first ever anniversary trip and we are thankful for the Grandmas who made our absence possible and worry free for a couple days :)

This is Mt. Garfield, a massive mesa that was literally right next to the Wine Country Inn, where we were staying!
This was our tour guide, Heidi and her sidekick, Millie :) Oh, and that's Clyde up front.
Casey picked these for me. Aw :)

I'm excited to show you all some things I've been working on! I've tried some great recipes, I've started on some Fall sewing for the girls and I've discovered some pretty good books, movies and music! Can't wait to share!

Cheers :)


  1. Just wanted to congratulate you on your graduation! That is such an accomplishment, especially with three young children. You are an amazing woman.

  2. I was anxiously waiting to see pictures from your anniversary trip!! Looks like you guys had a grand time. Some beautiful pictures!! Miss you!

  3. yay! we went camping at the national monument and stopped at two wineries and a meadery for our first anniversary. we fell in love with the peaches n' honey mead from the meadery of the rockies. :)

    congrats on 10 years!