Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving roundup and Christmas sewing

We are awash in holiday details here and it's fun :)  I have lots of little Christmas projects going on.  These sea horses are coming along...
And I have a nice stack of bean bags, waiting to be filled--gifts for little friends :)
But, before Christmas, we have Thanksgiving to look forward to! The girls and I are getting into it this year--they are finally old enough for some of the fun crafts out there.  Today we made these little Pilgrim paper dolls. If you have little girls who love paper dolls, Making Friends is a must-bookmark for you! You can print for free all different themes of paper dolls, clothes, hair and even some animals.

Tomorrow we'll be making these Pilgrim hats for all my kids and the littler cousins who are coming on Thanksgiving.  Looks fun, right?

You can find the instructions, along with lots of other ideas for Thanksgiving crafts and things, here. Good old Martha Stewart! :)

This morning, on one of the blogs I read (I can't remember which one, sorry), I saw a link to this awesome printable Give Thanks banner designed and offered to us for free by Second Street. I haven't made one yet, but I want to!
Next, there are lots of great crafts, printables, games and more for Thanksgiving at Family Fun.

We also have a few good Thanksgiving books we've been enjoying.

  1. Thanks for Thanksgiving  
       3. I'm a Turkey!
I LOVE collecting books for all the holidays and bringing them out during that particular time of year.  I try to get some after each holiday when they go on clearance so I'll have a few new ones for the next year.  I would love some good suggestions! If you have favorite Thanksgiving or Christmas books for kids, let me know in the comments.  


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