Monday, November 22, 2010

Carol of the Bells

Some friends of mine posted this on Facebook last night. I showed it to my girls. They fell in love.

It is beautiful, right?  I don't know if the girls like the song or the princess dresses, it's hard to say :)

We do love this song, though, Natalie loves to dance around the house to this version (by far my favorite ever):

This leads me to the obvious question--if I were looking for some new Christmas songs to put on my iPod, what would you suggest? I like old and new, so comment away!

I would like to leave you with some cute pics of my funny little guy.  In many ways, I am loathe to see him grow up--he's soooo adorable just where he is ;) Then again, the wandering-around-whining-my-name-but-having-nothing-to-say-phase can go.  You know that phase, right?


  1. That is great! I love this pic!!!

    Angela S.

  2. The carol is great and fantastic.I really enjoying this post.