Sunday, November 7, 2010


I had my last 20-something birthday this week.  Even though Casey is out of town with the army, I have some amazing friends that made sure I didn't have a lonely birthday :)  I got my hair done (thanks, Becky, it's fabulous!)
Melissa made me a cake. (yum!)
And, Becky made me these scarves and Melissa gave me this necklace!
Not only did they come bearing gifts, they came with lunch :) Thanks, girls!

My sister sent me these in the mail:
I loooove tea towels and this one is beautiful! (And matches my kitchen :)  And I also love these Barnes & Noble classics, of which I have a nicely-growing collection.  I can't wait to start reading this one!

Remember how I told you my friend Jenn was visiting? (I'm so glad she was here over my birthday, with Casey gone and all.  I would not liked to have been alone! Jenn made me this AMAZING Christmas tree skirt!!
In case you're curious, she used the tutorial at Tallgrass Prairie Studio.  I am super impressed with Jenn's free-motioning.  Mine is not that good compared to this :)  Jenn, I absolutely love this! It inspired me to start a Christmas quilt, which I will share in the next couple of days :) I cannot wait to put it under our tree--our BIG tree in our new house, after several years of a tiny tree (which we loved anyway and have fond memories of :)

My parents and my in-laws both gave me money--what birthday girl doesn't like a little cash?? ;)  I bought some dresses, some boots and these little cuties from, you guessed it, Anthropologie, who so kindly sends me a coupon every year for my birthday, haha!
They look so adorable in my open cupboard.

I had an amazing birthday and felt so loved. I am so very thankful for my particular set of close friends and my loving family, both mine and Casey's, and grow more thankful for all of you with each passing year!


  1. Happy Birthday! It's so wonderful to have such great friends to help you celebrate and keep the "lonelies" away. I wish you the best!

  2. Happy Birthday. Great to have such caring friends to create such a special day for you! Cute hair :).

  3. Many many happy returns of the day.The cake is wonderful and very very colorful.the colors are marvelous.