Tuesday, November 9, 2010

in the Christmas mood...

I told you that the tree skirt Jenn made for my birthday sparked a Christmas quilt idea for me, remember?  Casey has been gone these last 8 days (we expect him back in the next hour or so, yay!) and so I spent my days sewing whenever I had a spare moment.  My sewing machine is a pretty good remedy for loneliness, it turns out, haha.  As is my little sewing buddy:
I am so grateful for kids who get along very well together and it really makes me glad they are all so close together--the girls pretty much entertain themselves all the time together now.  Kelby plays with them sometimes, but he generally likes to be in the big middle of whatever I am doing, which is okay by me :)  For this reason, I recently parked my sewing machine on the dining room table, which is working out pretty well.  There will come a season when my upstairs sewing room actually gets used, right?

Anyway, for my tree skirt,  Jenn used the red version of a fabric that I had bought three years ago now in white. It's one of those that I love so much, I was hesitant to cut into it.  Last year, I started adding some other Christmas fabrics to my stash, with every intention of someday making a Christmas quilt.  This week, I decided that if I keep waiting for some un-busy November in the future to make said quilt, it will never get done.  So I dug in :) By today, I had this...
This is one of the easier patterns in Material Obsession, called Retro Starburst.  It goes together quickly and I love, love, love how it turned out.  In case you're wondering, I will not be hand quilting this one--I do want it done this year, after all ;)

But, speaking of hand quilting, I cannot believe I am actually putting the binding on this beauty:
I will finish the hand sewing tonight and it will be d-o-n-e. Finally! I love it all the more though for all the time I've spent with it--we're emotionally connected now, ha!

At the risk of sounding like I have tons of free time and all I do is sew (please know this is not the case--I do have 3 little kids after all--we just stay home a lot and Casey being gone gives me more extra time, somehow ;),  I also made this little dress for myself last week:
It was not my intention to cut my head off, but it's hard getting a picture of yourself like this--I took a bazillion, and this is as good as it's gonna get.  This is one of the fabrics the blessed older lady at church gave me--I think it's from the 60's maybe? It had a tag on it from K-Mart for 58 cents.  58 CENTS! I like the pattern of this dress a lot, I will probably make it again.  I don't feel like going upstairs to see which number it is, but it's a Simplicity.  If you really want to know, tell me in the comments and I'll check for you :)

In other news, it's snowing here today for the first time!! We usually get snow long before now, but this has been a wonderfully-long Fall.  Here's a pic of our backyard--I will never tire of this view from my kitchen window:

And, signing off...

So sweet :)


  1. Wow! It's snowing? We still haven't received snow yet...my kids are eagerly anticipating it though. I love your quilt. I made an apron out of that Christmas Swiss print. And the dress!!!! I ADORE it! Yes, actually I am interested in the pattern #. And, by the way, your legs look great in that picture! Who cares about the head! It shows off your nice looking legs better! Love ya!

  2. You have inspired me to get some beginning quilting books from the Library. Like I need to find another hobby, but I love the ones you do. It will give me an excuse to get some lessons.

  3. Nikki, even though you never said as much, I know that you're dying to make a dress for yours truly. I will email you my size if you like. Can I have two: a maternity and non-maternity. Cheers, Katie

  4. i totally agree with your fashion sense. good job!Thanks for the kind words and the plug. Much appreciated.

  5. LOVE the dress! I will have to make one! (of course when my belly will actually fit into it:)) Can't wait to see the finished quilt. I am inspired to start another one... so maybe a Christmas one? I better get started!