Monday, November 15, 2010

Kelby's Room--Check. Living Room...well, almost

So, I am finally getting around to posting pics of Kelby's finished room! I actually still want to make a paper airplane mobile to hang from the ceiling, but I don't know when I'll get to it, with Thanksgiving coming up and all (I'm hosting a big holiday for the first time, yikes!) So, I'll show you what I have, and it's awesome, if I may say so myself :)
I saw this map outline idea in a Pottery Barn magazine.  I borrowed a projector from church and made it happen. Turned out great, thanks to my lovely cousin Jordan's help :)
I picked up a linen shower curtain from a thrift store, maybe a year ago, thinking it would make a great window treatment.  I cut it in fourths, because I needed four panels and then added trims to make it big enough.  I LOVE how these turned out.  I threaded twine through the holes in the top, rather than buying rings or making tabs.  The license plates are something we've had lying around, well, since we lived in Georgia, obviously :)  They fit in great in his room.
These vintage car prints were my grandfather's.  My mom remembers her mother ordering them when she was a kid and she offered them to me several years ago.  I think I only had Natalie at the time, so boys weren't even on my radar, but I'm SO glad I kept them! They're one of my favorite things and Kelby loves pointing out the truck and the one he thinks is a Jeep.  That's what my parents drive and he points out Jeeps everywhere. The wooden shelves were already in the room, but were covered in white contact paper.  When I started peeling it off, I thought they looked kinda cool just as exposed wood, so I left them. (Or, I just didn't want another thing to paint, hahaha.)
This is pretty cool because it was Casey's army trunk.  I cleaned it off, painted it inside and out and made a cushion out of some boat flannel I'd bought for a baby blanket, but cut wrong.  Turned out to be a perfect toy box after Casey put the non-finger-squishing hinges on it :)

And there ya have it! This room cost very little--the paint was the main expense.  I got the lamp at a yard sale for less than a dollar, then painted the base white and covered the shade in fabric that a friend gave me (The same fabric on the curtains).  The curtains may have cost $5. Even the rods were given to me.  (If people know you've just moved, they start pawning all their stuff on you, it's awesome :) The little four-section white shelf was built by my Father-in-Law. (I know, I'm a lucky gal).

Since I was taking pictures, I went ahead and took some of the almost-finished living room.  I made new curtains yesterday, after going to Denver Fabrics and getting all the fabric and ribbon for $26!!! They have the best deals on home dec stuff, let me tell ya.  I like this room soooo much better now!
I got a quote on reupholstering my $10 sofa...$1700.00!!!!!! Yeah, it's gonna stay green.  My color wheel quilt looks right at home there, don't you think?

And here's the view from the stairway landing:
We keep the toy box and a corner of toys with the play kitchen in the living room.  Makes it much easier to keep the mess under control than when they were all kept in the girls' room! It's more fun for kids who come visit too.
Can you believe I scored this rug on Craigslist?? It's Pottery Barn and costs $750.  I got it for $130--the same amount I'd made from selling some other things on Craiglist and was saving for a big rug.  I had my eye on this exact one, but was just looking for something similar.  The fact that I found THE rug on Craigslist is kind of an anomaly.  The lady didn't know it was Pottery Barn until Casey told her and she checked the tag and said, "Man! I could've gotten sooo much more money for this!!" I love it. Can't you picture a distressed-white-salvaged-door-turned-coffee-table there in the middle???? I can. Finding said door, though, in the right size, takes a lot of patient searching, as it turns out.

I hope you all have a fabulous week! Thanksgiving is right around the corner!! Anyone wanna calm my nerves about hosting "The Meal"???? Anyone?


  1. try habitat outlet for your door. there are two in the denver area, i think. i bought a door from a wash park bungalow for $25 there, stripped it, stained it and turned it into a headboard. :)

  2. Nikki, Have you checked out BUDS? It is a warehouse that sells a lot of OLD house demolition stuff. It is run by the Denver Rescue Mission. If you go - don't take any kids, too many places they could hide! :-) Anyhow, they have TONS of doors, you might find something you like there.


  3. Hi Punkin. Lurker Dad here. The map in Kelby's room is awesome!!! Only one country missing though, Bet ya can't guess which one. :)