Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Our house is pretty chaotic today. We are getting all new windows installed and it has caused way more upheaval than I expected. It's hot, there are flies all over, which freaks Natalie out, there is noise and dirt and wood and nails and stuff all over the place. It's more than any of us bargained for, including our contractor! There's not much napping going on around here today, needless to say, and I'm considering calling a friend and asking if the girls and I can drop in for awhile. Anyway, since my sewing corner is in an upheaval (that's where three of our main windows are), what's a girl to do but pick out and cut fabrics for a new quilt? I've been wanting to try the Color Wheel Quilt from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts for a long time. My stash just hasn't been big enough! It takes fifty-two different fabrics, in various color families to make this baby and so I've been collecting for awhile now. Let me tell ya, getting it to this point was A LOT of work! But it's going to be worth it, as I know just which wall it's going on and I know it will be so beautiful. That's as much as I can do on the dining room table, though, so the sewing will have to wait.

Just so you all don't waste your time, I thought I'd give a few movie reviews here for you :) We rented three movies last Friday (not intending to breeze through them all in one night.) We started with 10,000 B.C. Sooooo b-o-r-i-n-g, we didn't make it 15 minutes, I don't think. Not much of a story and when paired with an amazing lack of color or anything interesting to look at, it was a real downer. So, then we put in Definitely, Maybe, my choice, since it looked like such a great chick flick in the previews. We turned it off 20 minutes later, it was nothing but sex! What is up with chick flicks????? Can't we just get a good romantic comedy anymore? Ya know, I always wonder why people let their children play in movies like this? Is it so important for their kids to break into show business that they'll allow their innocence to be completely dragged through the mud? That's how I have felt about little Abigail Breslin for awhile now. So, we ended with The Spiderwick Chronicles, which was really pretty good, although we think the book was probably much better. There ya go, if anyone actually read all of that ;)


  1. Hey....thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the movie reviews!!
    I'm sorry for the mess you are going thru, but happy for your new windows! You guys can come sit on my porch til the big bad contractor is gone. Been there, done it!!!!!


  2. Construction can definitely upset the home routine. This is fantastic. I've never seen the pattern in the book, so I'll look forward to see how it finishes. So far it's really cool!

  3. wow! This looks great... I've wanted to make this quilt ever since I saw it in the book, but like you, I don't have enough of a stash for this : )

    Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

    Hang in there through the home improvements...it will be worth it in the end...