Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grab Bags and Summer Fun

Aren't these little bags so cute? These are to take to market on Saturday and they sewed up really fast. You can make one too! There is a free pattern here.

Well, I have five weeks left until my due date and this is where it gets though, as many of you know. In an effort not to think about myself too much, we've been staying pretty busy around here. Plus, if we're out of the house all morning, that means there's not so much mess for me to clean up in the afternoon :) Yesterday was super hot and so we met some friends at the Northfield fountains and then had lunch. We were laughing because even though my cousin came along, we still had one more kid than we had adults! We'll only grow from here, I guess. After nap time, I made some brownies and let the girls lick spatulas, so that explains that last adorable picture of Layla. I have pics of Natale doing the same, but she wasn't wearing any clothes, as usual, and I try not to post nakey pictures on the internet, if you know what I mean! Is this all three-year-olds or just mine? I know it's just a phase, but boy, it's a long one!


  1. These are adorable! I think I will make some, too (said Me Too Iguana :) Wait until you see what I'm making for you!

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  3. These bags are just like the purse I made Stacia for her B-day... I'm glad they worked out for you!! The pattern I used was AWEFUL! I might just have to try this one and see if I like it.. LOVE the pictures of the girls!