Sunday, June 1, 2008

Water Play

We had a GREAT day as a family yesterday. After nap time, we put the girls in their new bathing suits (thanks Granny!) and headed to Southlands shopping center where they have these great fountain things in a big circle. Layla had a blast, although she would NOT let go of her bag of Cheerios, no matter how soggy they were getting. I do realize there are not as many pics of Natalie. She is a little more timid of the water and spent most of the time with her towel, spread out on the ground :) After that, we had a nice dinner at On the Border with some gift cards we had. It's so nice for Casey to be home a little bit more now that this last semester has ended. We had so much fun together.

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  1. Now this is summer fun! That last picture is simply darling!