Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Happy (now) Accident

So, I made the mistake of using a Butterick pattern to make a bag for the shop. I LOVE these fabrics together, so I was devastated when the bag was completely non-functional in every way. I made it right, it's just so wide and so shallow that it would never work! WHAT IS UP??? Do they have these patterns tested???? It had to have taken some major staging to make it look that way on the pattern cover. Anyway, I considered cutting it up and making several tissue holders because the fabrics are so great, I did not want to toss it, but instead I put in a casing and a drawstring, realizing that it would be perfect for my knitting projects, that usually sit on my side table in a plastic box. It's so wide, that is holds knitting needles very well, even the super long ones. That's Layla's little hand in the picture, she wants to play with that stuff so bad, poor baby :)

1 comment:

  1. I just LOVE that fabric! You have such an artistic eye! To be able to fix that thing into something so beautiful and useful is such a gift! I would have thought that you did it on purpose! :)