Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Preschool Gold Mine

Things don't go well around here if Natalie gets bored. That's just a simple fact. She's a smart little booger and so we've been considering starting some preschool things with her. We're planning on homeschooling and that goes for preschool too so I Googled some things yesterday and came across Homeschooling Adventures, where there are tons of links to free, printable material on all kinds of subjects. I clicked on Preschool and found a link for each letter of the alphabet, with several links of activities for each letter. Awesome.
Today we learned the letter A and she was busy with these things all afternoon. I just love this picture. I also couldn't resist posting this video of the girls playing the piano, each standing in one of Daddy's work boots. It was mighty funny. (Apparently you can't turn videos, so.....whoops :)


  1. You're right--it did cheer me up! The video is TOO funny! Layla gets that bootie shaken' thing from her Granny ;D

  2. Oh, Nikki, that is SO precious!
    Love Jana

  3. thanks for the fun links! i will enjoy looking at them. blessings!

  4. Natalie is one of the smartest little people I know!!! What a cutie!!!