Friday, June 20, 2008

Back in the Saddle

I have not been very motivated the last few weeks. I'm mostly just tired (last trimesters will do that to ya), but today I sat down and finished up this maternity skirt I started last Friday and tweaked more and more throughout this last week. Ever since my first pregnancy, I have been disgusted at the lack of decent maternity patterns out there. Every one I tried was just huge in the arms and neck holes. Just because my belly is growing rapidly, doesn't mean the rest of me is growing at an equal rate! So, anyway, I found this tutorial, cut the elastic out of a pair of maternity jeans I didn't like and here ya go--a lovely skirt! The next one will go much faster, since I can use this one as a guide. I love this linen-look fabric and I bought another equally great fabric to make one more.

SO, there is actually a reason I am more motivated to do some sewing. The lovely Julie Kendall and I have a booth at the Brighton Farmer's market, starting next Saturday!!! YAY! We're both very excited, but realize we need to build our inventory a little bit. All this to say, if you've seen something on CraftyGirlz that you've been coveting, now is the time to snatch it up! since those items will all be going with us.

One more thing. If you haven't seen Heather Bailey's new lines of fabric, go over and visit. I found myself drooling over each and every one. Just beautiful!


  1. Your skirt looks wonderful. Nothing like something comfortable in the last stages of pregnancy. It's been a long time ago for me now, but it's something you never forget. LOL! Good luck at the craft fair. I hope you sell oodles of stuff!

  2. Question for ya!
    I painstakingly learned the html code to put a slide show on my blog to show the past inspiration challenges. It took me two days to figure out, but now it is up and running. YEAH-I think it looks so cool. The quilt you made for Challenge 2 is SO AWESOME. Can I have permission to use it in my slideshow as the featured project? I'll put your name on the slide, but I'll still have to link it to the challenge 2 post on my blog. I have to upload your photo to my server, and then link it to my slideshow. Let me know as soon as you can, OK? Your quilt is perfect. I love, love, love the way it came out. Thanks!


  3. Thanks so much. I'm going to try and add your photo soon, so check back today to see if I was successful. Hopefully your adorable quilt will be gracing my slideshow soon.

  4. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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