Sunday, June 8, 2008


These are some picture of a bag I made my lovely Aunt Teddi for her birthday. I made a similar one for myself several years ago and she spotted it around here sometime after Christmas. I just now got around to making her one. She LOVED it, so I'm happy to have made her happy :)

AND, Casey and I attended a wedding this last weekend in Greeley. A friend at school had asked him to sing in a quartet at her wedding, so we took the opportunity to spend the night there, while Casey's mom stayed with the girls. We have not done that since having kiddos, so it was a wonderful time for us. Anyway, we have zero extra money, so the gift required some creativity. I made these pot holders and we printed one of our home made recipe books of all our best recipes. A great gift and totally free. Here also is a picture of Casey with his three other school friends that made up the quartet and one of Casey and I in this absolutely gorgeous old Catholic church. They sounded sooooo beautiful, I wish I could post all the music here somehow :)


  1. that bag is so adorable! I love the stripes and the pocket on it. And the patchwork fabric on those potholders looks great together!

  2. Girl,
    I am the envy of the office with my bag. You ROCK! Thank you again, I love it.
    Aunt Teddi

  3. What an awesome get away. I wish I could hear the music too. LOVE your potholders. Just my style, and the recipe book is a wonderful idea. I bet the new bride uses it a lot. Great bag too! Handmade stuff is the best! I posted a new challenge, so please join us!