Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yesterday's News

I made this scrapbook page yesterday for Layla's book. Angela took this picture when I was pregnant with her and I think it is my absolute favorite picture of Casey and I. (Can you tell I'm a little behind on the scrapbooking front?) Anyway, I have so many sewing projects to finish for others, that I needed a break and decided to do something for awhile that no one else benefits from. Selfish?? Maybe, but therapeutic too.

It snowed all day long yesterday and it looks beautiful outside. The *snow fairies* just pulled up and started shoveling our driveway. Gotta love the HOA :)

The second picture here is of Natalie coloring red lipstick with a crayon on all the girls in the Penney's catalog. My sister and I used to do this and I'm thankful now for all these creative ideas of things to do, when it would be so easy to let her watch Playhouse Disney all day long. I'm sure as she gets older, she'll progress to mustaches and boogies like Jana and I did too, hehehe ;)

I'm thinking of switching to cloth diapers. Any tips? Have you seen these newfangled things they have now??? I read that the average parent spends about $3,000 per kid on disposable diapers, as opposed to $300 for cloth. I'm also going to call today to request a recycling bucket, since I read they don't require you to sort it all anymore. Trying to leave less of a footprint, I guess. Speaking of diapers, Natalie is not wearing one today. We are trying yet again to potty train, since she turns 3 in a month and people are starting to comment. It's going much better today than yesterday, when she pooped first thing (having kids is so gross) and because I have tried to change my perspective a little too. Instead of saying, "she'll never get it!", I'm telling myself, "she'll get it very soon!" Psychological trick maybe, but I feel better about things :)

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  1. I have to say you are brave for even thinking about using cloth diapers! The link to the other diapers seem really cool. They seem so stylish yet a little expensive! As for Natalie she will get the hang of it. Taylor wasn't completely potty trained until after she turned 3 but it was just like one day she got it and it was that easy! Difficult until that point though! So hang in there! Love the picture of your new little peanut. I"m hoping Casey gets his boy this time! Glad to see things are good!