Friday, February 22, 2008


This is the Mermaid skirt I made Natalie for her birthday. She's having a mermaid birthday party next weekend and so I'm going to give it to her that morning so she can wear it at her party. I'm very excited, I think she's going to LOVE it. Currently, she wraps a blanket around her waist as a mermaid skirt, so this will be a nice replacement for that. It was a lot of work, since my serger hasn't worked for quite awhile now and so there were a lot of French seams involved to prevent raveling, but I think it will be worth it.

There is a show on HGTV called Find Your Style and they help people who don't quite know what their decorating style is. Anyway, they have a quiz online to find your own style and I took it for fun. My style is *sweet*. Here is what they said about it:

What's sweet is chic. Nothing stark and modern for you! You're drawn to cozy interiors and a welcoming palette (think soft, sun-bleached hues). You like your patterns whimsical and your buildings quaint. You enjoy heirlooms with sentimental value, like a rocker that once graced your grandmother's nursery.
Other styles that suit you: English Country, Romantic, Cottage

I can honestly say that all of this is right on, except for the rocking chair part. I actually have my great-grandmother's rocker in the house, but moved it out of Natalie's room when it kept backing up and hitting the wall the more I rocked her in it as a baby and since every time she'd fall asleep, it would creak SO loud when I stood up, all my rocking was rendered worthless! I replaced it with a glider from a garage sale, which needed oiled often and then broke after Layla was born, so I'm determined to get a really nice one for this baby. WOW, that was a little rabbit trail there :) Anyway, you can take the style quiz here. I'd love to know your results!


  1. I LOVE it, Pookie! It's so cute & cool! Good job. I also enjoyed the rabbit trail about the Myer rocker :D

    Well, I took the test and I'm Eccentric. Funky architecture, stuff collected from travels along with antiques. of the color combos was purple and gold! Wow, guess they got me.

  2. Want to know how simlilar we are?? That's right... I'm "sweet" too!!! Nutty, huh?