Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I know what you're thinking--I posted all those nice and time-consuming scrapbook pages and this is the best I could do for a potty chart? Okay, I just needed it quick, like right then. You can see it has one sticker. ONE. We've been at this gung-ho for a week and a half and she has pee-peed in the potty exactly one time. Then there was church, so she spent the day in a pull-up and today all that progress seems lost. If she gets all the squares filled up with stickers, she gets to watch the Cinderella movie we bought on Friday. She was very excited about it at first, but now she just wanders around saying dejectedly, "Now, I'll never get to see the Cinderella movie." Drama queen. What to do? Layla tries to get up on the potty using Natalie's stool. Maybe she'll be easy when the time comes. Maybe I should just train her now and wait another two years to try again with Natalie :)
I wish I had other things to blog about today, I truly do.


  1. Girl we tried charts, candy and bribe we could think of but nothing worked! She'll come around though. Remember God is probably trying to teach you patience! LOL not what you really want I know. She'll get there though. Maybe you won't have three in diapers.

  2. TOO funny!! I can say that because I'm the granny and I'm on the other side of the world :D Fight the good fight, run the race...

    Love you,

  3. My son laughed at the sticker chart. What is finally (sometimes) working, is telling him how "Happy it makes moommy when you poop on the potty!" He even tells them that at daycare, "My mommy is gonna be so happy!" We tried stickers, treats, toys, special fun events, everything.