Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ah, the Weather

The weather is beautiful today!!!! So we went to the park. We were not the only ones to take advantage, there were several people there. I like park people. They're always nice, they seem like the kind of people that really enjoy their kids, ya know? I took these pics of the girls, although the best I got of Natalie was a rear shot and I got this video of them on the swings. Layla was belly laughing, it was too funny, but she sort of quit when I started filming. Oh, well. I know better than to think that spring is here for good. I am, after all, a Coloradan and so I know it could dump snow tomorrow, but I am sooooo ready for it to come to stay. Winter feels so oppressive at times. Praise God for this lovely taste!

There are some great words about feminism on Femina here, and along those same lines, my copy of Passionate Housewives Desperate for God arrived by mail today. My sister talked this book up here and I'm so excited to get started reading it. Stay tuned for a list of my favorite books coming soon in my sidebar, along with my longer, updated list of blogs I read. Have a wonderful day and go outside, at least for a little while!

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